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Garage Clearance Services | Bedford

Is a Garage Clearance Right for You?

If you’ve got piles of excess rubbish in your garage or shed, a garage clearance could be the quickest way to get rid of it and get your spaces back to looking brand new. You’d be shocked how many customers had simply written off their garages as “unstructured storage spaces” (i.e., unusable except for throwing in more rubbish) only for our team to come in and clear them. In just one day our team can turn your thinking around, from thinking “I wouldn’t dare go in” to “Maybe I should set up an office out there”. If the former train of thought sounds familiar to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team by sending in some pictures on WhatsApp or via email, and we’ll get back with a free quotation.

A garden shed in a well-kept garden

Our Comprehensive Property Clearance Services in Bedford

We provide a fully-comprehensive garage clearance, no matter how big the job. Our team are registered with the Environment Agency and hold an Upper Tier licence to give you the peace of mind that we’re dealing with your refuse responsibly and legally. We’re delighted to offer our property clearance services to the highest industry standard for the best value for money. Our management team has a collated 4 decades’ experience working in customer service leadership roles and can promise that when you hire CannyMove, you’ll be beyond satisfied with the service we provide.

Get in Touch for a Quote Today

Contact our expert team with details of your garage waste today to get a free quote. Once you’ve sent us pictures of the rubbish you need to be cleared via WhatsApp or email, we can begin the process to breathe new life into your garage or shed. Use our online contact form or call 07786 161160, or email to get started.

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